Sede :Via Caduti, 15 - 22070 - Rovello Porro (CO)
Stabilimento : Via S. Solutore, 11 - 21047 - Saronno (VA) ITALIA
Tel e Fax : +39 0296751472 - +39 335271935 E-mail:

19 gennaio 2018

The company

RC di Curti Romano has been a constant presence in the lift sector for the past forty years.

The company specialises in the installation of lifts in non-standard conditions.

Over the years it has dedicated growing attention to technological research, whilst preserving the high-quality finishings typical of a craft firm.

The company builds hydraulic lifts with both direct and indirect, telescopic or multiple pistons, and cable-drawn lifts, without machinery rooms and featuring electronic speed control.
We also produce frames for large goods lifts and with modern architecture for panoramic lifts.

After having satisfied its Northern Italian clients with its reliability and commitment, the company is now interested in expanding its business to the member states of the newly enlarged European Union.